Microblading: what's the deal?

We find out how to boost face-framers from the queen of brows in the UAE...
ByEllen KerryTuesday , 15 August 2017
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The trend for mega brows has come on leaps and bounds since Cara Delevingne and her bushy duo first popped up on the scene a few years ago. Since then, full brows have become the biggest beauty obsession of the past decade.Can you remember a time when eyebrows were super thin and inconsequential? We can. It was called the Nineties.

To put it into context, in 2013 online beauty haven net-a-porter.com had just 20 brow products. Now there are more than 150 on offer. The technology surrounding the beautification of brows has dramatically developed, too. While pencils and shadows are still popular, more and more women want fuller, thicker brows that won’t sweat off in the afternoon heat. Which is where microblading comes in.

Patricia Kerr, of Brows By Patsy fame, is a leading linergist who pioneered brow services such as micropigmentation and microblading here in the UAE. She knows brows. Ahlan! Deputy Editor Ellen visited her in Dubai to find out more…

Why are good brows so important?
A set of good brows frame the face and adds symmetry. They’re very important.

What makes a good brow, in your opinion?
It must have the right measurements and be proportionate to the face. Not too long, not too short. Having fullness is very important, sparse uneven brows don’t create a unified look. Thicker brows are more flattering and can take years off someone’s face.

What’s a mega brow faux-pas?
Following trends. People should stick to what suits them, rather than what’s in fashion. They should follow their natural shape and thickness as a guideline.

Tell us about the brow services you offer...
I offer both micropigmentation – a machine consisting of a single needle – and microblading – a blade with several tiny needles.

So what’s microblading all about?
Microblading uses a hand-held ‘pen’ consisting of up to 16 tiny needles, to draw individual hairs, and is used only for eyebrows.

How long does the treatment last?
Anything from 10 months to 1.5 years. This depends on elements like skin type, sun exposure, colour depth, etc. Aftercare includes using healing cream, avoiding UV exposure, facials, swimming and excessive sweating.

How do you determine what a person’s brows should look like?
First, I always ask the client what they have in mind. Generally, I like to use their natural shape as a guideline. Measurements are then taken to add symmetry.

Who has amazing brows in your opinion?
Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins and Nicole Kidman. I’d love to get my hands on Pamela Anderson’s brows…

INFO: Price upon request, Brows by Patsy, 04 338 8238, browsbypatsy.com

Ahlan! Deputy Editor Ellen happily handed over her brows to Patsy for a makeover…

Owning big, bold brows has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Unfortunately, my own are sparse to say the least. Lauded as the most natural way to semi-permanently build brows, I was keen to try microblading, and contacted Patsy for an appointment.

The first stage is application of a numbing cream. Next, I meet Patsy for the initial consultation. She’s absolutely lovely and owns an incredible pair of brows, which makes me feel comfortable and confident.

She asks for my personal brow preferences before measuring and lightly drawing the new dimensions onto my face with a pencil. Patsy checks I am happy with her design before we start the process.

Microblading is an ancient technique using a tool with tightly packed needles and dye. Patsy uses the tool to create feather-light brush strokes. She dips the tip in dye, then draws the individual hairs onto the skin. Then she layers more dye over the strokes and leaves it to sink into the skin. The process takes 40-50 minutes. Patsy is meticulous, passionate and very good at what she does. Her attention to detail and professionalism means the results are better than even I, a seasoned beauty writer, could ever have imagined.

My new brows look so natural I actually had a little cry when Patsy handed me the mirror. Once groomed, full brows really make such a difference to your face shape. I feel a hundred times more confident and no longer have to spend 15 minutes drawing them on in the morning.

I pop back for a secondary appointment three weeks later to top up the dye and check that I am happy with the shape. I am, like, seriously happy. I can’t imagine going without brows (by Patsy) ever again.


  • Avoid sunlight
  • Apply vitamin E cream daily
  • Avoid any activity that’s super sweaty

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