Best Holiday Spots in 2014: Dubai's Top of the List!

05 Jan 2014

Dubai's brand of sparkly charm leads it to the number one spot on best holiday rental destinations

If you didn't get a clue from the throngs of tourists who're out and about in Dubai, now it's official! Dubai’s got the top spot on the list of 2014’s 10 best holiday rental destinations. Compiled by Alpha Holiday Lettings, one of the UK's top holiday accommodation rental portals, the list is dominated by European destinations, but Dubai's head of the class, flying the UAE's flag

Check out the full list of top 10 holiday rental hotspots for 2014 right here:
1. Dubai
2. Cyprus
3. Costa del Sol
4. Paris
5. Algarve
6. Tenerife
7. Cornwall
8. Florida
9. Sydney
10. Majorca