10 delivery apps to help you self-isolate

10 delivery apps to help you self-isolate

29 Mar 2020

So you never have to leave your house

Following the latest development of the COVID-19 outbreak in the UAE, it is recommended to remain at home and limit yourself to a potential exposure to the virus. However, there’s no reason to panic – there are plenty of home delivery services connecting you to your fave restaurants and food stores, so we can keep that pasta and canned beans for another time..

1. Talabat

Unlike Deliveroo and UberEats, Talabat’s business operates principally by connecting you to individual restaurants and their delivery drivers, rather than relying on its own. There is a wide variety of cuisines from international and local restaurants and you can order your favourite groceries too. 


2. UberEats

You can order from more than 100 restaurants across town. The app will use your location to determine which restaurants are available to you, flash up a menu when you select one and then you just have to choose your dishes. There’s also no minimum order.


3. Deliveroo

This user friendly app delivers food from a carefully curated list of restaurants around the city and charges AED7 for delivery. Orders usually only take 30 to 60 minutes, great news if you are too hungry to wait!


4. Kibsons 

Kibsons deliver quality fruit and veg from every continent and they carefully source the freshest quality goods at the best prices.  They have same day delivery option and also offer do it yourself boxes. The best option is you are commited to a sustainable lifestyle as they limit use of plastic in the packaging and their boxes are returnable.


5. Hello Chef!

Hello Chef! brings all you need for easy-to-cook recipes to your door so you can make a delicious meal in about 30 minutes. Choose any recipe you like from up to 20 recipes per week from low-carb, family-friendly, vegan, and gourmet options.


6. Instashop

The Instashop Dubai app is simple to use – enter the address, then the app presents a number of supermarkets close to the location, select a preferred store, then select your products. There is a minimum order of AED20 for free delivery, and you can pay by cash or card on delivery or online in advance.


7. Farm Box

Farm Box allows you to select a ready made box or customize your own farmbox. With ready made boxes,  you receive the freshest assortment of the best produces available on the market. You can choose between a one time order or bi weekly or a bi-weekly delivery to fit your lifestyle.


8. Fruitful Day

Fruitiful Day are the fruit experts in the UAE. They hand select the freshest seasonal fruits and deliver them to your door. You can subscribe to a trial box. This is the hassle free way to keep your five a day routine going and boost your immune system.


9. El Grocer

El Grocer picks your nearest partner supermarket, allows you to choose your goods from an online selection, then your groceries will be delivered to your door in around an hour, depending on availability. There is no delivery charge, but El Grocer will receive a commission on any goods you buy.


10. Trolley.ae

Trolley caters to most residential areas and offers free delivery for orders of more than AED100. You will be able to get all the goods you would normally find in a supermarket on the app, although you will need to order before 7pm if you want your groceries the same day.