The Best Celeb Fitness DVDs

29 Nov 2011

Here are the latest workouts that you can do at home

Celebrities have a knack of staying in great shape despite having busy lives, and luckily some of them share their secrets!

With Christmas fast-approaching it’s time to start thinking about presents, and whether they’re for yourself or a friend it’s completely up to you! From the classic Jane Fonda to the latest reality stars, Ahlan! reveals this year’s top celeb fitness DVDs.

Pussycat Dolls: Dancer’s Body Workout

Who wouldn’t want a body like any one of the Pussycat Dolls? Luckily the band’s creator Robin Antin has designed a workout that ‘brings out your sexy side’, while working your whole body. This DVD includes a ‘purrfect’ four-minute workout, which is a quick but effective routine that fits into any schedule. The soundtrack is also upbeat, with Pussycat Dolls hits including When I Grow Up and Wait A Minute.

Jane Fonda: Trim, Tone & Flex

The first lady of fitness returns with the third release from her best-selling Prime Time range. Designed for the 50+ audience Trim, Tone & Flex includes upper and lower body workouts, with a bonus 10-minute relaxation programme to quiet the mind and relieve stress. The 20-minute workouts only need to be done a few times a week and promises to leave participants feeling healthier and stronger.

Davina McCall – Davina: The Ultimate Target Workout

Davina’s latest offering has been created so users can target their exercise routine to meet their specific needs. Three areas include ‘bingo wings’, ‘summer shoulders’ and ‘bikini bum’. As well as the target workouts, there are two self-contained 30-minute workouts and an abs routine.

The Only Way is Essex - The Essexercise Workout

Whatever their pitfalls, the girls from TOWIE certainly know how to stay in shape. In this DVD, regulars Sam, Billie and Lydia follow choreography created by Glenn Ball. Three 20-minute workouts can be followed independently, or played back to back for one full-on hour-long routine.