Best Bar None

DUBAI 92 DJs Tom & Dan on their favourite haunt: the Crown & Lion, Byblos Hotel, TECOM
Monday , 02 May 2011
Dan and Tom at Dubai Creek Abra boats
Dan and Tom at Dubai Creek Abra boats
Bar of the Week

At what point did you realise this was your BBF (Best Bar Forever)?
During the football World Cup last summer. Great atmosphere. Good fun. Good food.

What does this bar have that other bars don’t?
The waitresses wear Burberry mini-skirts and it’s within walking distance of home. And then there’s the great Byblos burger.

Most heart-warming memory?
Dancing on the tables at Christmas. It was Christmas, we were allowed.

Ever done anything there that you shouldn’t have?
Maybe the tables thing...

Rate the crowd out of 10 for attractiveness, with one being Amy Winehouse and Reg Traviss and 10 being Brad and Ange:
Even with us raising the average, the crowd is at the low end of the scale.

When are you most likely to be found here?
Most evenings from 8pm. And with that in mind can we point out the last answer was a joke.

Finally sum up this place in three words:
Smells of ciggies.

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