Benicio and Kimberly’s Love Child

Couple expecting but dad’s not happy!
Tuesday , 19 April 2011
Kimberly Stewart
Kimberly Stewart
Actor Benicio Del Toro
Actor Benicio Del Toro
Actress Scarlett Johansson
Actress Scarlett Johansson

The latest news to shock Hollywood is that desperado wannabe socialite Kimberly Stewart, daughter of singer Rod Stewart, is expecting a baby with screen star Benicio Del Toro, exposing an affair that otherwise would’ve been kept secret.

Benicio is a major A-list star while Kimberly, who once called Paris Hilton her best friend, is barely recognisable in the States, only attracting the press when involved in a celeb relationship with past lovers including Jude Law and Rhys Ifans, leading many to question how she keept their romance undercover?

“They’re not a couple,” said one source suggesting the affair was a short-lived one. “Kimberly’s pregnant. Benicio’s the father and is very supportive. They’re looking forward to the arrival.”

With the pair refusing to comment on their brief hook-up, Kim’s dad Rod is said to be fuming and worried he’ll end up supporting the child, spilling, “I’ll be touring until I’m 90 to pay for all [the kids].”

Sources believe Kimberly was just a fling for the actor who describes his love life as “in limbo”. Refusing to consider making an honest woman of the 31-year-old, the 44-year-old claimed he doesn’t want his bachelor pad, which he refers to as a “cave”, to be “invaded” by a wife, stating, “It’s like, ‘F***! Why do I have to get married? So I can get divorced?”

This isn’t the first time Benicio has been caught in an uncompromising situation with a young blonde LA based starlet.

He allegedly made out with Scarlett Johansson in a lift at the famous LA hotel Chateau Marmont.

He recalls, “Did I ever have sex in an elevator with Scarlett after an awards show?, I…well . . . I don’t know. Let’s not promote it…” Well, that clears that up then!

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