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Benedict Cumberbatch Considered a Law Career

13 Jan 2015

It could have been BC, QC...

It looks like we all missed out on the chance to be defended by Benedict Cumberbatch. In a pre-Golden Globes interview, the Sherlock star revealed that his actor parents didn’t want him on the stage and encouraged him to train as a barrister.

"They wanted me to have the opportunity to be a doctor or a lawyer so I looked for a long time at being a barrister, because obviously there's a lot of crossover,” he told an interviewer. "There's an element of performance taking on an argument, storytelling, persuading people, which made me say to myself; why am I putting myself through the mill to be something that's one removed from the profession that I really want to do, which is acting?"

Luckily for film-goers, Benedict ultimately snubbed the silk and pursued his true love – a decision that has paid off big style, with a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Motion Picture for his performance in critically-acclaimed World War Two code-breaking film, The Imitation Game (and Meryl Streep photobomb during the ceremony).