Ben and JLo round two?

ByAoife Stuart-MadgeSaturday , 01 April 2017
Ben and JLo round two?
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Jennifer Lopez

Since splitting from toy boy Casper Smart last year, Jennifer Lopez has been linked to everyone from singer Drake to her ex-husband Marc Anthony, and now rumours are swirling that her other famous ex, Ben Affleck, has reached out to the newly-single star, too. According to Life & Style, Ben has been in touch by phone and text since he split from his wife, Jennifer Garner. A source revealed, “JLo asked if Ben wanted to come see her perform at her Las Vegas residency, and he said that he’d love to. Ben says there’s definitely a spark, and she’s as sharp and fun as he remembered. He’s excited about the prospect of a chapter two with JLo!”

The reconciliation rumours come after Jen took to the talkshow circuit in the US to set the record straight on her love life. “Let me clear this up. I am not with Drake," she said on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, while she told The View that she was nothing more than “great friends’ with ex Marc Anthony.

However, it looks like JLo might have poured cold water on her lit-again spark with Ben after she appeared to diss him on live TV. On US show Watch What Happens Live last week, host Andy Cohen asked the 47-year-old who makes a better boyfriend: singers, musicians, or actors? And her answer will be sure to sting the Batman actor: "I have to say that, in my limited experience, anybody involved in music, so I would say singers and dancers," she said.

Jen went on to admit she was responsible for Ben’s early noughties makeover admitting she dressed him when they first dated in 2002. "I did," she said about choosing his outfits. "I did say, 'You're a movie star, you should wear a suit, you should do this with your hair.' He was into it. He didn't do anything he didn't want to do." Clearly in the mood to reminisce, she added, "He had some good fashion moments when he was with me."

But don’t hold your breath for Bennifer 1.0 reboot just yet: insiders in JLo’s camp have spilled that she has since started dating former New York Yankees player (and Madonna’s ex) Alex Rodriguez. Coincidentally, the news comes amid reports that Ben and his estranged wife Jennifer Garner have put the brakes on their impending divorce. 

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