Become a Golf Pro

24 Nov 2011

Ever wanted to know how to putt like a real golfer? Shannon Wylie investigates the secret of the swing

Golf has always been considered somewhat of a leisure sport – no rolling around in the dirt, no physical contact, no sweat. It’s all about the clean-cut tee-off, the lush green-grassy fairways, topped off of course, with super-cute tailored shorts and polo t-shirts. I see no reason to not give this sport a go!

Tee Time

Well ladies and gents, it’s time to tee off and who better to show us the secrets of the game than Alastair Brown, a PGA professional.

Arriving at the Emirates Golf Club you’ll be met by lush green hills, winding roads with buggy’s puttering along and the smell of fresh cut grass. But no sooner than you’ve entered the club house, swapped your sandals for golf shoes and made a beeline for the field, you’ll get a real taste of the golfing world.

Whaaack, whaaack, whaaack. That’s the sound of the balls being hit at lightning speed by the golfers already on the green. “Wow. They look so professional and strong.” I think, as I silently wonder what I’ve signed myself up for.

Lessons in leisure sporting one – “Stand with your feet directly under your hips, tilt your pelvis backwards and bend,” says Alastair. Right, this doesn’t feel weird at all!

Lesson number two - hold your club with your left hand wrapped around the top of the club and your right hand holding your left thumb and the club too. You can tell if you’re holding the club right by lifting it up to a ninety degree angle away from your body. Ouch!

Lesson number three - swinging. “Whoops”, I yell as I hit a palm tree. The rule is to stand with your legs about one metre away from the tiny white ball, keep your eyes on the prize, lift your back foot slightly, tilt your shoulders and follow through. Ping. Yes, I did it! Voila, and that’s how you play golf. Simple, right?! Well, not so fast.

Hit It Baby!

One hour later, about twenty hits and misses, a cramp in my hand, the class is over. Phew! After a glorious hour in the great outdoors, I’ve learnt how to hold a club and hit a golf ball, but there’s a plethora of putting knowledge still to gain.

The beauty of these lessons is you can book in just for the First Time Friday class or the Learn Golf in a Week course. You’ll learn a new trick of the trade until you can successfully and ahem, safely, hit the green in a buggy yourself.

See you on the course!

INFO: Learn Golf in a Week costs Dhs600. 7pm to 8.30pm, Tuesday to Thursday and 3pm to 4pm, Friday. For more information or to book a lesson visit or call 04 380 2222.