Becky Balderstone

04 Mar 2013

Founder and owner of Ripe

One of the things from back home that this marketing professional missed when she moved here was her weekly seasonal veggie box, so she created one herself and shared it with the UAE...

Tell us about your growth (excuse the pun) in 2012.
From starting off with just me sitting in an empty warehouse, we now have a fully operational facility, an office, warehouse, vehicles and a website with online ordering for home deliveries of our organic fruit and veg. We also have our weekly farmers’ markets in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, a permanent retail space – the Farm Shop in Dubai’s Umm Sequim 2 – and a team of 15 staff. There are also various cafes and stores that now have Ripe produce in stock and even on the menu.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your company.
I wanted to do something I was passionate about and supporting local agriculture is something I feel strongly about.

Most of us never get to see farms here in the UAE. Tell us a bit more about them.
There seems to be a misconception that farming is relatively new to the region, but our farmers have been growing for many years and are very familiar with organic practices. This year we introduced kale, which you couldn’t get locally here, as well as heirloom tomatoes, pak choy and many more. 

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