Beckham looses affair case

Why his Dhs88mil attempt to sue was thrown out of court
Beckham looses affair case
David Beckham disappointed by court case verdict

David Beckham’s court case has been thrown out after he was unable to provide evidence that the US magazine which first reported on his alleged affair acted 'with malice'. The soccer star who was suing escort Irma Nici and a US magazine after they claimed he had an affair in 2007 was told his case would not go any further this week when the judge deemed that the magazine didn’t act to intentionally hurt him or his reputation.

The Dhs88mil libel case was filed by Beckham last year when news of the affair hit headlines but according to US law Irma has the right to ‘freedom of speech’ and therefore David couldn’t prove her wrong. The judge also ruled that the news was of interest to a ‘wide range of people’ because of David’s positioning in the public eye.

The incident was said to have happened at New York’s Le Parker Meridien Hotel in August 2007.

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