Friends Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham

Beckham’s caught in gun fire

22 Sep 2010

They fled holiday during nightmare shoot out

David Beckhamis lucky to be alive after a recent family camping trip with friend Gordon Ramsaywent terribly wrong. The two celebrities took their kids into the Californian wilderness and set up camp for the night in what they thought was a remote part of the region. But according to reports at approximately 4:30am local time the two families heard guns firing very close to where they were. The two men went to investigate and discovered that Mexicans had set up camp next to where they were sleeping and were shooting of rounds.

Gordon broke his silence on the ordeal telling BBC Radio One what really happened on the night. "We were camping next to this lake, turned up and there was no one on the campsite. We woke up about 4.30 in the morning to gunfire and there was this tent about half a mile away... with these Mexicans shooting."

David and Gordon quickly packed up their families and booked into a hotel for the remainder of the night.

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