Beauty Q&A With Glow Salon’s Hillary Kozma in Qatar

Beauty Q&A With Glow Salon’s Hillary Kozma in Qatar

29 Mar 2014

One of Doha’s top beauty experts tells us how to cope with the Qatar hair frizz effect!

Q. I moved to Doha a month ago and have noticed my hair has got really frizzy since. Someone told me it has something to do with the water here. Is this true? What can I do to reduce the frizz? Sandra, Doha

A. Welcome to Doha! It’s true, Doha water can certainly contribute to dry, frizzy hair due to the chemicals used in the desalination process. But Doha water isn’t the only reason your hair is getting wild! Humidity and climate play a big role in the mood swings of your hair. Frizz is an indicator that your hair is dry. When hair is thirsty, the cuticle opens, causing the “frizz” look. Seal the cuticle down with deep conditioning treatments once or twice a week, adding a few drops of macadamia oil to provide sleek shine.  

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