Beauty Q&A With Glow Salon’s Hillary Kozma in Qatar

One of Doha’s top beauty experts tells how to get a perfect look with liquid eyeliner
Tuesday , 25 February 2014
Beauty Q&A With Glow Salon’s Hillary Kozma in Qatar
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Rita Ora loves her eyeliner!

Q. What’s the best way to apply liquid eyeliner? I love the look but find it a bit tricky to get right! Selena, Doha

A. There is nothing quite like the wow factor of beautifully applied liquid eyeliner. It should be a must-have in any woman’s make-up box – it lasts longer than a pencil, has more intense pigments, and has a fine tip that allows you to draw a lovely precise line. 

Whether you go for bold cat eyes, or a subtle winged look, liquid liner needs extra care when applied. 

In my opinion, regardless of the shape of your eyes, eyeliner looks best applied to the top lid only. 

If you have trouble getting a nice line when applying, try lining your eyes with a pencil first as a guide, and then glide the liquid over the top. Keep cotton buds dipped in toner handy so that, if your line isn’t perfect, you can erase it while the liner is still wet. While grasping the liner wand, always rest your pinky on your cheek and pivot your wrist to keep your hand steady. 

Another method I like is ‘connect-the-dots’. Dot liner where you would like to see liner go, and then connect. It helps you to visualise and then execute a precise line.

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