Beauty Challenge: Lip Balm

14 Dec 2011

The Dubai Ladies Ice Hockey team put the latest lippy balms to the test - check out the results!

Cyndi Teulon tried Une Fundraising Lip Balm
The lipstick-like applicator looked really glamorous. However, the product seemed to get pretty gunked up around the top of the applicator after a few days. It lasted quite a while. It was like I was wearing a really thick long wear lipstick (although I did reapply several times a day mostly just to show off the funky packaging!)

Lynn Pranno tried Reve De Miel by Nuxe
This honey-scented lip balm was easy to apply. It felt a little waxy when I first slicked it on but it dried really quickly and left me with a smooth matt finish. I was concerned about throwing it in my bag as it was glass. But if they switched it to a plastic pot I would definitely carry this lip balm around with me.

Lisa Jaklin tried Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protectant
I really liked the retro look packaging. I also liked the fact that it was in a metal tin so you don’t have to worry about breakages. The best bit was that it lasted a long time. It might have felt gooey when I applied it, but it didn’t stay that way. It felt really good after the initial application and lasted forever.

Kim Brasko tried Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1
This is a scent-free product with a classic look. The lip balm smoothed straight on, but as the hole was pretty big you need to be careful so that you don’t squeeze out too much. This is a great buy if you just want to protect your lips, but it as it doesn’t give an additional shine it’s not one for a party.

Roohi Hamlani tried Labello Fruity Shine Strawberry
This lipstick-sized beauty buy was easy to apply. It had a nice even application – not tacky or lumpy which is great. The fruity smell was a little too strong for me. It felt like I had a bit of candy at the end of my nose. So when I’m next shopping for a lip balm I would probably go for its unscented counterpart.

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