Beat Being Saddle Sore

01 Mar 2013

We know how to avoid those biking problems

Q When I go out for a day on my bike my hands start to go numb. Can you tell me what the problem could be and if there’s anything I can do to prevent it?
Jessie, 30

A There could be a few things that are making your hands go numb while riding your bike. Firstly, you could be holding and griping your handle bars too tight. With that added pressure, it could withhold your blood from running freely throughout your hands and fingers. Also, how you sit and how your posture is on the bike could be a factor, if your posture isn't correct  (such as your seat or handlebars are too high or low) this could put pressure on your wrists when gripping the handle bar. The elbow to wrist should form a natural line, if the wrist is flexed too much this could be impinging a nerve causing numbness. It might be worth going to a local bike shop to get the bike properly fitted to your body shape. This will help with comfort, safety and efficiency when transferring power from your legs to the pedals in those long rides. - LEE

Lee Ryan
Reps Level 3 in personal training, injury and repair. Voted SHAPE’s Personal Trainer of the Year 2012.

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