Beach Parties and Barbers

Kris parties with a pensioner at ʺNan-danceʺ
ByKris FadeThursday , 23 October 2014
Beach Parties and Barbers
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Axwell /\ Ingrosso rocked Sandance

Dancing at Sandance took up most of weekend, and I really did have an awesome time seeing De la Soul and Empire of the Sun perform; however, sitting up in the VIP area surrounded by the same people again and again can get a little repetitive, so this time we decided to take a guest who wouldn’t normally go.
My date for Sandance was a 65-year-old grandma called Martha, who’d never been to the event before. Everyone seemed to be impressed that she was attending, but I’ve gotta admit, she wasn’t that impressed with some of the acts. She blew my mind when she turned to me and said: “I’m really looking forward to watching Axwell and Ingrosso. I hope they’re going to play some new music and not just Swedish House Mafia stuff.” She danced right up to the very end of their set and then went home at 2am! So, from now on, I’m going to call Sandance “Nan-dance”.

Another person I want to shout out this week is Mo, my personal barber and grooming specialist. He works at Al Satwa Gents Salon and, since I see him twice a week to tame my facial hair, he’s integral to my appearance! I do feel that sometimes we have a tendency to only think about Dubai in terms of five-star luxury. There are some really colourful areas like Karama and Bur Dubai where you have to check out the back streets to see a different side of the culture. The barber in Satwa is a great example.

Big Rossi’s Crazy Tales

This is amazing! A parrot, which spoke in a British accent has been found alive and well after going missing for just over four years. The bird, named Nigel, was returned after a vet discovered him in a tree near his home and found his microchip and tracked down his owner. The best bit about the whole story is that the parrot now speaks fluent Spanish and has been sprouting phrases such as "gracias", "adiós" and "buenos días"! He must have been living with a Spanish-speaking owner for the past four years... either that or he was playing hide and beak!

Tune of the Week

X by Chris Brown
Genre: EDM
Who wrote the track? Katy Perry’s boyfriend Diplo produced the track and Chris added the chorus.
What’s next for Chris? The R‘n’B singer is taking a change in direction and is recording an album of
pure rap songs.
What’s his biggest hit to date? Yeah 3x, which was number one in the UK and several European countries
Random fact: Chris learned to do Michael Jackson’s moonwalk at the age
of three.

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