BB Cream: What's it All About?

Ahlan! chats to make-up expert Céline Roy, International Trainer of Filorga on the do’s and don’ts of BB Creams.
Friday , 03 May 2013
BB Cream: What's it All About?
BB Cream - What's It All About?

What does BB stand for?
BB means blemish balm.

BB creams sound too good to be true, is there anything they don’t do?
Not really! BB creams hydrate the skin, treat imperfections, and protect the skin against UV, and some of them, like BB PERFECT by FILORGA have also an anti-ageing action.

What’s the difference between a BB cream and a foundation?
A BB cream doesn’t have the covering of a foundation. You can use a it as a lighter feeling alternative to your foundation, but you can also use it under your make-up as a base.

Do they work for every skin type?
Most BB creams work for every skin type.

How do you know if you’re using the right BB cream for you?
Colour is very important. A perfect BB cream will melt to your skin colour and give a natural finish with radiance.

Does price make a difference to the quality of the cream?
Mainly all BB creams are composed in the same way, but the concentration of active ingredients can be greater in some of the more expensive products.

How often should it be applied?
Once in the morning is enough for a natural look.

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