Battle of the Snow Whites

10 Apr 2012

Let the fairy tale feud between Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins begin!

When we heard that two Snow White movies were being released within two months of each other, we knew it would cause drama! And when we found out that Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart were the rival leading ladies, it got even better!

Mirror Mirror, starring Lily, was released on 30 March; Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Kristen, is scheduled for release in May. The question is – who rocks the Snow White look best?

Lily has been dressed in a traditional, pretty, Snow White-style similar to the original animated film; whereas Kristen’s outfits are a mix of medieval English dresses and masculine armour for the fight scenes.

“We’ve laughed about the fact that people think we’re rivals because to us they’re so different,” Lily told E!. “I think the advertising is kind of genius because both films are being shown in this different way because they are such different stories. We’ve always been aware of each other and I’m excited to see what Kristen does.”

She says this now, but if Kristen makes a better Snow White we suspect a poisoned apple may magically appear in her rival’s dressing room!