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The battle over Beckam baby No.4!

19 Jan 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

A quick-fix attempt to calm a rocky marriage or a consolation prize for his latest infidelity scandal humiliation?

Five-and-a-half years after David and Victoria Beckham welcomed their third son, Cruz, into the world, the couple has announced they’re expecting their fourth – and they insist final – child in May.

With the showbiz rumour mill already dishing that the pair are desperate for a girl, sources close to the couple say they won’t find out the sex of the child before the birth.

And while David has made no secret of the fact that he would love a daughter to dote on, famously saying, “I want a little girl. That would be amazing,” Victoria told UK Vogue, “Maybe one day another baby, but at this stage I think the chances of a girl are quite slim.”

But with the baby news arriving at yet another tumultuous time for the couple, with “furious” David having recently announced his intention to sue prostitute Irma Nici and an American magazine over their allegations he slept with her and other vice girls, insiders are whispering that the new baby could be an attempt to fix their strained relationship – about which Victoria admits she has sought therapy to work through her growing “anger” issues.

So, what led the Beckhams to finally agree on baby number four, just as Posh’s dream of becoming a designer of international repute is starting to take shape?
Here we go behind the perfect facade of Brand Beckham to reveal why Victoria’s calling the man she once dubbed “goddamn perfect” as sometimes looking “really c**p”, and how David won the baby battle that’s raged for over four years…

Public Façade Vs Private Battles

Although publicly admitting, “I trust David completely because we’re both such talkers”, in private over the past few months, sources claim things have been tense between the couple, as Irma Nici’s allegations continue to “eat away at the fabric of their marriage like a cancer.”

“After the Rebecca Loos thing, David swore to Victoria that he would never put her through anything like that again,” said a source close to the couple. “So, these allegations from Irma Nici last September cut her to the bone.”

And as the pair battled in private over the allegations that David says are “completely untrue”, as with most couples, old hurts resurfaced to be used as ammunition.
“David brought up the fact that Victoria has been promising him another baby for four years,” insisted a source. “And yet she keeps putting it off for the sake of her career. It got pretty explosive.”

With Victoria having admitted back in 2006, “I would love to have more children – maybe not for a year or so because I’m enjoying the three I’ve got. And it’s hard work,” the fact that the “year or so” had stretched to four was not lost on the LA Galaxy star.

“He’s never been less than upfront about the fact he wanted more kids after Cruz,” said a pal. With David himself echoing the sentiment, insisting, “Another one or two children… that would be a blessing.”

‘Quick Fix’ Baby?

Pals claim that history is repeating itself with the announcement baby number four is on its way, pointing to the fact that Victoria fell pregnant with Cruz in June 2004, just two months after David’s former PA Rebecca Loos claimed she’d had a months-long affair with him in a scandal that almost derailed their then seemingly-perfect marriage.

Calling the timing “very telling”, one LA publicist insisted, “A baby is the perfect smokescreen. The message is very clear: Focus on the cute new arrival, not the infidelity allegations. If we were going to be cynical about it, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.”

Having herself said of the Loos scandal – claims which David branded “ludicrous” but not false – “I’m not going to lie, it was a really tough time. It was hard for our entire families,” Victoria has recently admitted that she’s turned to therapy to deal with her issues.

“Haven’t most people at some time or other [been in therapy]?” she told Vogue. “I don’t know if I’m balanced or deluded… but I’m quite spiritual. I’d rather turn anger into energy.”

And Victoria’s admission that, “It’s never nice when people write hurtful things and as much as I say I don’t see it, I’m not stupid,” has been seen by some insiders as reference to Nici’s comments in In Touch magazine about how “[David] liked her [curvier] body more” – comments that were clearly not lost on the former Spice Girl.

“She knows David isn’t keen on the super-thin body she insists she needs to maintain as part of her fashion image,” said a source.

“But the only time she ever has curves is when she’s pregnant. Now he’s accused of cheating by a hooker who claims he told her he likes curvy girls, and then Victoria trots out her new pregnancy curves a few months later? It is a bit strange.”

Broody David ‘Wins’ The Baby Battle

“There’s nothing that gives you that feeling of coming home and seeing the kids and spending time with the kids,” David says of fatherhood. He freely admits, “I’d love a little girl.”

With close sources readily admitting that David holds all the power in the relationship and that Victoria is lost without him, Posh herself has said of their time spent apart when David was playing in Milan: “I felt like someone had chopped my arm off. We do everything together. I very rarely go out on my own, unless it’s a work commitment.”

And it’s this perennial lack of confidence on the 36-year-old’s part that has seen David win the baby battle, causing Victoria to lash out in public at the husband she once revered as being “perfect”.

“The other morning I looked across at David just after he’d woken up and thought you look really crap,” she said. Adding, “Thank God, because this is a man who always looked so perfect.”

Her revelation has shocked pals who note that Victoria has always been so keen to present an idealistic view of her husband, just last year insisting, “He never looks like s*** in the morning. Never. [David] naturally looks good all the time.”

“She lost the baby battle. Simple as that,” said an LA source. “She really wanted to spend the next couple of years building on all the goodwill her first dress collections have garnered in the industry. Now she knows she’ll be spending that time focusing on raising a baby, and because she’s a fantastic mother, she’ll put 110 per cent into it. She said it herself, ‘Maybe one day…’ In the future, sure, but crucially, not right now.”

Beckhams Timeline

March 1997: David Beckham meets Victoria Adams after a Manchester United game. At the time she was at the height of her Spice Girls fame.

Jan 1998: They announce their engagement.

July 1999:The Beckhams get married. The ceremony costs Dhs2.9m. They sell their pics for Dhs5m.

March 1999:Brooklyn Beckham is born.

Sept 2002:Romeo Beckham is born.

Nov 2002:A gang is arrested after threatening to kidnap Posh and the children for a Dhs29m ransom.

2003:Man Utd boss Alex Ferguson accuses David of “babysitting while your wife was out gallivanting”.

July 2003:The Beckhams move to Real Madrid.

April 2004:David’s PA Rebecca Loos claims she had a four-month long affair with the star.

Oct 2004:More women come forward about affairs with David.

Feb 2005:Cruz Beckham is born.

April 2005:The nanny confirms David’s trysts and Victoria’s tempers.

Jan 2007:The Beckhams move to USA. David signs a Dhs968m five-year deal with LA Galaxy.

June 2007:Victoria launches denim range dvb and an eyewear collection.

Aug-Sept 2007:The launch of Brand Beckham. His and her perfumes are released.

Sept 2008:Victoria launches her fashion line.

Jan 2009:The Beckhams are the face of Emporio Armani underwear.

Sept 2010:The couple sue In Touch for claiming David slept with prostitute Irma Nici.

Jan 2011:The couple announce they’re having another baby – a fourth

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