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Bastille Love Rihanna, RedFest DXB & Dubai

09 Feb 2015

The Brit stars revealed all to Ahlan!

As one fourth of Bastille, William Farquarson knows the Brit band inside and out better than most. Ahead of the boys jetting into Dubai for their set at our favourite festival, RedFest DXB, Team Ahlan! caught up with Will to discuss all things Bastille. However, the talkative bassist confessed to us about his love for Rihanna, shoes and why he doesn’t think he’s too posh for the pop-charts.

What are you most looking forward to about coming to Dubai?
I’m just really excited to come to Dubai because it’s one of the places that we haven’t visited. There are a lot of countries we haven’t visited, but it’s a place that we’ve all really wanted to go to. We’re excited to go up that massive building.

Do you mean the Burj Khalifa?
Yeah, we’ve had a magician friend who lived in Dubai and he said it was an amazing and fun place. It’s always nice to go and see different cultures and people.

If you could listen to one song or artist for the rest of your life, what would it be?
If You Want Me to Stay by Sly and The Family Stone, it’s my favourite song ever. It’s the first bassline I ever learnt. It’s a great song. Sly’s voice is amazing and the whole production is great, it’s a warm and beautiful song and it’s funky so I like it.

Where does your inspiration come from when making songs?
It depends. We find inspiration in the most inconvenient places and we’ll just start singing into our phones like maniacs if we get struck with a moment of creativity. As a band, we’re all diverse and different. I used to be in a jazz band and Kyle, for instance, listens to a lot of grime and trap and Woody’s all in to heavy metal. So we get together and get different ideas because if we all wrote a song at the same time, it’d turn in to chaos. Everyone’s influences sneak through under the radar except mine because no-one wants to hear funk or jazz on any of our records.

Who would you say are your biggest rivals in the music industry at the moment?
This is going to sound like a cliché, but if I was a sportsman or running for office then I would see it as rivalry and competition. We don’t see them as rivals because a lot of them are our friends as well. We’re not competitive people because we’re English and we’re polite.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
I’d like to collaborate with Rihanna for two reasons. The first reason is because she’s spectacularly beautiful and the second reason, I’m a firm believer that she’s really good. I saw her live during a festival once and she was spectacular. She looks wicked, she dances and she sounds wicked. She’s brought out hit after hit for the past ten years. People forget that about her. She looks wonderful and it may not be the cool answer or credible, but I like her.

Some people have been saying Bastille is too posh for the music industry…
I love that. It’s interesting to see that that’s what people see of it. It’s unfair to attack someone because they’re posh. We’re just making music. I guess, if we went to public school and wrote songs about the struggle of growing up on a council estate then it would become hypocritical and people would comment on that too. We’re just singing songs about stuff that are interesting to us. I don’t think our social background should come in to it. Plus it’s a bit exaggerated, because Kyle used to be a rude boy! Talk to him for five minutes! He’s like a cross between a chimney sweep and street urchin.

What’s your most essential wardrobe accessory?
I’m a big fan of shoes and I like tailoring. I like wearing jackets and smart clothes, obviously I don’t wear it when I’m playing because I wouldn’t fit in with anyone else’s look and the band wears t-shirts and jeans. I would say shoes though, I’ve got about 50 pairs of Brogues.

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