Basma Al Fahim

Basma Al Fahim

20 Nov 2019

The founder of Dubai’s Eventra and Doll House

•My highlight during the past year was definitely opening my new restaurant location at Al Wasl 51.

•I’m inspired by traveling the world and experiences different cultures.

•I look up to my late grandfather and Richard Branson as they taught me about risk taking. When you believe in yourself and the idea you have, you make things happen for you.

•At home we are very conscious about saving energy and using less disposable products, rather opting for reusable alternatives. One of my green goals is to use less plastic and I am educating my children to understand the planet is precious and that we are responsible for it.

•When it comes to sustainability, Dubai is coming along with positive and effective initiatives which may start small on an individual level, but it will have a bigger impact in the long run.

•The best advice I have ever been given is to put your health and happiness first and give it the same priority as the other important things in your life.

•In 2020 I am going to work towards adjusting my lifestyle to achieve balance between my body and soul.