Bars and Clubs - Nezasussi

29 Sep 2010

Al Manzil Hotel, Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai

It may not roll off the tongue, but Nezesaussi – the abbreviation of New Zealand, South Africa and Australia – is a different type of sports bar altogether. Yes it has the ubiquitous screens showing live matches, yes it has the necessary memorabilia adorning its walls, and yes, it even has two dozen bottled beers from the three host countries, but it also has a fantastically theatrical open show kitchen producing some of the best grills in the city. The menu is themed around the signature meats from each of the three countries, so expect tasty boerewors sausages and the tenderest steaks and lamb to be tasted above down under.

ContactTel: 04 428 5888

Dress: Diamnim del