Banksy's Dismal Diana Death Tribute

The graffiti artist shocks the world with his latest haunting masterpiece. See it here!
ByJJ AnisiobiSunday , 30 August 2015
Banksy's Dismal Diana Death Tribute
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It’s been almost 16 years to the day since the late Princess Diana died tragically in Paris and even though much time has passed she still holds a place in many people’s hearts. So when controversial artist Banksy used the shocking death scene to help build publicity for his latest art project, the world was not impressed.

Diana’s crash in 1997

The House of Horrors
Graffiti artist Banksy, whose true identity is not known, has turned an English abandoned and derelict beach lido into an unsettling and “darkly sinister” attraction called Dismaland Bemusement Park. Among the many art displays by various British creators on show, Banksy has 10 of his own, including a killer whale performing a trick through a hoop while jumping straight out of a toilet and the Grim Reaper figure riding a dodgem car.

Banksy is Bad
However, his most disturbing construction is a homage to Princess Diana that shows two white horses writhing in pain on the ground next to a white carriage that’s been knocked over onto its side. Within the carriage a blonde princess is lying lifeless as a group of paparazzi take her picture. Naturally, the British public haven’t reacted well to the installation with one person commenting: “Honestly the Cinderella/Diana piece is disgusting and in such bad taste.” Another fired: “I worry if Banksy went a little too far with that crashed Cinderella carriage.” 

A third said: “The #Banksy Diana commentary piece is just too real and heartbreaking.”

The Fairy Tale is Over
Despite the immense backlash and mixed reviews Banksy insists he’s happy with his work and it’s a dream come true. “I’ve dreamed of installing a theme park on this site ever since I walked past the building six months ago and peered through a gap in the fence. This is not your average sugar-coated fantasyland selling scrapings from the Hollywood floor. The fairy tale is over, the world is sleepwalking towards climate catastrophe, maybe all that escapism will have to wait.” He added: “Think of this as a fairground that embraces brutality and low level criminality – so a fairground then.” 

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