'Bands are failing fans'

Kiss star hits out at "useless and pathetic" rock bands
Wednesday , 12 March 2008
'Bands are failing fans'

KISS guitarist PAUL STANLEY has accused modern day rock bands of failing to provide their fans with value for money at concerts.

The frontman has hit out at the "useless and pathetic" bands who charge fans high prices for concert tickets, but fail to perform a decent gig.

He says, "Good economy or no economy, we have no intentions of stopping. We gave up doing this for money a long time ago, we love it, but we still get paid.

"Rock and roll is in a pathetic state. Bands think they can get up on stage and strum their guitars and then download it - it's useless and pathetic.

"We're sick and tired of seeing bands getting up on stage and not giving value for your buck."

In an unrelated incident, THE HOLD STEADY frontman CRAIG FINN has accused fellow rockers MOTLEY CRUE of "embarrassing" the music industry by failing to age gracefully.

In a blistering attack on the music industry, the rocker also accuses funk metallers Red Hot Chili Peppers of being "bland".

He says, "You have artists like Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young that have aged very well and then you have a thousand other examples that have aged poorly.

"Anything that's part of a trend or a group hasn't aged well, like hair metal. Motley Crue didn't age very well and even Red Hot Chili Peppers are terrible now. That doesn't even sound like rock'n'roll to me. It's kinda like bland, elevator (music)."