Ban Lifted on Controversial Bollywood Film

Movie banned in several Indian states but not Dubai
Ban Lifted on Controversial Bollywood Film
The cast of Aarakshan

It’s one of the biggest releases this summer, but Aarakshan, starring Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone had been facing several problems ahead of its release last week. The film, which deals with caste-based reservations in education, a very sensitive issue in India, had turned out to be a political hot potato with several states announcing a ban on it fearing law and order problems.

Now comes the news that the government in Punjab, one of the states where leaders had been opposing the screening of the film, has lifted the ban after certain sensitive sequences were deleted by the film makers. “We have cut the scenes and dialogues to which the state government committee had objections. These portions have been submitted to the officials and will not be shown. The rest of the film will be screened in theatres across Punjab," said an official of a multiplex in Chandigarh.  

Punjab imposed a ban on the film last Thursday following reports that it could lead to social disturbance. The state then set up a high-level committee to preview the movie and recommend suitable changes. The committee said the film contained some dialogues and scenes that could provoke the emotions of certain communities, especially those from the weaker sections of society.

The entire exercise had led to a heated debate across India about the freedom of expression in cinema and the right of politicians to interfere.

Aarakshan is in movie theatres across Dubai now.

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