Bahij Kaddoura

Bahij Kaddoura

21 Nov 2019

WBFF Pro @bahijkaddoura isn’t just super fit – he’s also a hoot on YouTube

•What strikes me most about the UAE is the positive energy readily available wherever you turn. It’s the welcoming nature of the region that attracted me in the first place.

•I use my social media to help educate my followers on climate change. Social media is a strong tool to help influence and educate people for the better.

•I would love to see more education and help educate the younger generation –they are the true hope of the future. The safety of the future depends on how well we educate the younger generation to clean up the previous generation’s mistakes. 

•My main inspiration is the urge to help the less fortunate. I hope to grow my platform big enough to able to help change people’s lives, motivate and inspire them. My inspiration is the constant reminder of the legacy I could leave behind for generations to come.

•The person I look up to the most is my mother. I thank her for making me the man I am today. I try to emulate her as much as possible — she is one of the strongest, most kind-hearted women I know, with her heart in the right place.

•In 2020, I look forward to continue spreading positivity and hopefully, motivating people to go out and change their lives. I hope to try help and positively influence as many people as possible.