Badou Jack

Badou Jack

24 Nov 2019

@badoujack, also known as “The Ripper”, is a Swedish professional boxer

•This year my foundation, the Badou Jack Foundation, and I visited the Al Baqaa refugee camp in Jordan, which was tremendously rewarding. 

•The UAE is my favourite destination in the world. It has everything – a Muslim country with a little twist of the West. It’s my second home.

•I’m self-motivated. I want to be the best and that alone inspires me. But the refugee children all around the world that we fight for, inspire me the most.

•The best advice I’ve been given is to ‘be patient’.

•I don’t regret anything I’ve done in my life. Every mistake in life is a lesson. But if I could change something, I would have hired my nutritionist and chef years earlier, had I known he existed.

•We all need to do our part to save the planet and be more sustainable. I decided to buy an electric car, a Tesla, to reduce emissions. I also take small steps on a day to day basis, such as recycling.