Claire Danes

Claire Danes is Totes "Baby-centric"!

19 Sep 2013

Homeland star Claire Danes dishes on how life is all about eight-month-old baby Cyrus now

Claire Danes' life "is baby-centric right now." The 34-year-old actress has eight-month-old son Cyrus with husband Hugh Dancy, 38, and is loving life as a new mum.

She told the Daily Mirror: "Everything is baby-centric right now. I'm having a big old romance with my baby. To have a child is deeply grounding and I think it has tethered Hugh and I. It's all about Cyrus and creating a family together."

Claire plays troubled CIA agent Carrie Mathison in the hit TV series Homeland but looks forward to coming home being on set, so she can leave her alter-ego behind.

The blonde beauty explained: "It's schizoid. I'm happier than I've ever been in my life but I'm playing the total opposite of how I feel, because Carrie has never been more isolated, alone and aggrieved. I have had to reconcile these two opposing realities. It's nice to have Cyrus at the end of the day. He takes me out of whatever darkness I've had to experience at work. It's a quick fix. He is a beautiful butterball who brings me so much joy."

Although Claire is grateful for the success of Homeland she is looking forward to joining her husband in Toronto, Canada, where he is working on Hannibal, once she is done filming in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She added: "We're figuring it out as we go ... I tend to work and then Hugh works. I'm working right now and he's with us in Charlotte [North Carolina]. Then there will be a bit of an overlap between Hannibal and Homeland but as soon as we wrap, I'll race straight to Toronto and serve my time as the domestic person."