Baby Born on Board Flight from Dubai

Woman gives birth on a flight to the Philippines
ByAriel Robinson Wednesday , 17 August 2016
Baby Born on Board Flight from Dubai
This was far from a quiet flight!

This baby is already making headlines as it was welcomed in to the world mid-flight!

A baby girl was unexpectedly born on a journey from Dubai to the Philippines when a lady started having contractions, five hours in to the flight. Based on what other airlines have previously done, this lucky little baby could have free flights for life, though Cebu Pacific hasn't confirmed anything yet! We're slightly jealous...

“She was set to give birth in October, so this came as a surprise, even to the mother,” wrote an onlooker who was on the same plane. “We only heard a semi-loud screech, and a few seconds later, there were tinier, cute screeches, and it was when we knew the baby was born.”

The flight had to be diverted to India to check the wellbeing of the baby and the mother. The 9-hour flight had turned in to 18 hours however passengers on board were not complaining about the sudden layover.

The baby’s birthplace is India as it was born mid-air and the baby should hold citizenship of the country the plane lands on next however she will still carry a Philippine passport since Cebu Pacific is a Philippine airline.

We hope the mother and her new child is healthy!

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