Aysha Al Hashimi, Adela Acevedo Sarna & Aida Al Busaidy

Promise of a Generation’s intercultural majlis inspires, enlightens and educates
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 19 March 2015
Aysha Al Hashimi, Adela Acevedo Sarna & Aida Al Busaidy
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Our newest initiative, e7 – daughters of the Emirates – has finally been unveiled. This aims to create a network, offer community development and mentorship experience for young women in the UAE.
The UAE is an adopted home for so many. Our group aims to help its members develop a nuanced understanding of the customs and culture of the UAE. 
Promise of a Generation has over 1,000 active members, so we think we are succeeding in our mission to create meaningful dialogue among the UAE’s diverse community. 
Working across borders is now a breeze. One of our original founders, Esther Tang Irani, has moved to Shanghai but is still hugely involved in the day-to-day running of the group. 
The UAE has a virtuous cycle of honouring history and embracing modernity. Some Middle Eastern countries tend towards a vicious cycle. 
Working in a field you enjoy can mean it’s easy to turn into a workaholic. Take breaks, celebrate victories and learn from mistakes. 
Advice from business applies to life. Know your audience. When doing anything for or with other people, even something as simple as selecting a gift, always consider how the other person thinks and why.  

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