Avoid Festive Diet Meltdown!

Drinks, dinners, parties... your Xmas diary may be bulging, but these top tips will ensure your waistline isn’t...
Wednesday , 16 December 2009
Avoid Festive Diet Meltdown!

Four bites rule
While it’s easy to think ‘screw the diet,’ and dive into your selection box headfirst, try to exercise moderation and allow yourself just a little bit of the naughty stuff. Try the celeb trick of only eating four bites of any holiday treat.

Keep track
Before wolfing down the party snacks with wanton abandon, note down what you’re eating, so you can keep track of your calorie count. Keep a diary on your Blackberry or iPhone.

Trick yourself
Make healthy substitutes in your fave Christmas meals, switching potatoes for sweet potatoes or mashed cauliflower, and using wholewheat bread in your stuffing. And weight-watchers should avoid the skin of the turkey.

Fill up on goodies
And we don’t mean of the candy kind. Keep bowls of berries, nuts and other healthy treats handy, to avoid reaching for the choccies.

Hostess with the mostess
Host your friends at your place where possible, so you can control the type – and calorie count – of food that is available. If you’re having dinner at a friends, bring one or two tasty but healthy dishes along as a gift for your host.

Eat before you go out
Eat a small high-protein/high-fibre healthy meal before you go to a party, so you’ll be less likely to snack on diet-busting party treats. Drinking plenty of water also helps to control your appetite.

Do a reccy
Scan the buffet table before tucking in, and weigh up the healthiest options before filling your plate. Also commit to a single serving.

Avoid finger food
They may be small, but the high sodium and saturated fat content in most canapés means they pack a calorific punch. Stick with the veggie platter instead.

Eat slowly and avoid seconds
It takes around 20 minutes for your stomach to let your brain know it’s full, so employ Katy Perry’s trick of chewing slowly, and limiting yourself to one helping.

Don’t let the party carry on
If you’ve overindulged, make like Heidi Klum and go straight back to your usual healthy eating habits the next day, so as not to let a little fun become a major diet setback.

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