Aviophobic In Dubai? British Airways Can Help

If you're scared of flying, they'll take more care of you
ByAl NeedhamMonday , 26 January 2015
Aviophobic In Dubai? British Airways Can Help
© Andrea Artz for BA high life
Steve Allright of Flying With Confidence, and a big plane

If your fear of flying is putting you off exploring this part of the planet, or – even worse – stopping you from seeing the family, you’ll be interested to hear that British Airways are bringing its very successful Flying with Confidence course back to Dubai in March.

This one-day course is aimed squarely at anyone who suffers from aviophobia - ‘fear of flying’, to you and us - and is designed to pull apart your deep-seated fears. There’ll be detailed yet easy-to-understand explanations of how an aircraft operates, what turbulence actually is, and other technical aspects of flying. You’ll also receive advice from a specialised phobia counsellor that includes breathing and relaxation techniques. The Flying with Confidence course draws on the experience and expertise of the airline’s highly trained pilots and cabin crew who run the course – who, let's remember, have done considerably more flying than you, and are still here.

If you sound like the sort of person who could do with this sort of thing, the first course takes place at The Capital Club in DIFC on Sat 14 March. For more information, check out www.flyingwithconfidence.com. Oh, and one other thing; In addition to tackling your fear of flying, all course participants will qualify for a 10% discount on any British Airways flight in any cabin class, so your wallet can calm down too.