Ava Hashemi

The designer adding bags of style to the UAE
Tuesday , 22 March 2016
Ava Hashemi
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Ava Hashemi
• I’m a hyperactive person when it comes to work. I’m constantly exploring possibilities and adding new product lines to my company House of Hâshé, or involving the brand in new areas of design. I launched my line in the UAE in 2013 as a way of giving back to the community that I owe much of my design inspiration to. 
• Last year at Hâshé we launched our own line of handbags and they’re already a big part of the brand identity. 
• Success comes from persistence and a strong belief in what we do. I had the design concept for the handbags, which I took to at least five manufacturers in different parts of the world, all of whom said that what I wanted to make was impossible. After a year of research and development, we finally managed to tweak the material and produce the handbags. Had I given up after the second or third trial, we would have never launched this new design concept.  
• Somebody once said, “If it was easy, many would have done it by now.” I learnt that nothing comes easy in life. You get what you have worked for, and women should always empower one another and celebrate achievement.  
• I draw my inspiration from people that I encounter on a daily basis. Every new person you meet, hear about or befriend, changes you in some small yet significant way.
• I try not to regret anything. I believe that with every mistake comes a valuable lesson
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