Uh-oh, authorities told Kanye West to demolish his house prototype

Should have thought this through, bro...
ByJulianne TolentinoWednesday , 07 August 2019
Uh-oh, authorities told Kanye West to demolish his house prototype

So, Kanye West's hopes and dreams for a Star Wars inspired home was crushed. 

The rapper planned to build a futuristic community that would bring communities closer together. Quite a ambitious plan, we must say.

Apparently, West already had four dome-like prototype structures built on the 300 acres of land he owns in Calabasas, and he hopes to make more. 

But according to TMZ, his plans faced major problems after several neighbours complained to authorities, because they thought the project violates their building code. So, unless Kanye decides to get a proper permit, his houses will be demolished by September 15th.

The domes look pretty cool if you ask us. But the problem stemmed from the fact that they didn't look like prototypes, from the eyes of his neighbours. 

Kanye mentioned that the structures were suppose to be "temporary," so building permits weren't required. But, it seems like the dome was already build on top of a concrete foundation -which is kinda saying; yup, it's gonna be there for a while.

Despite all this though, the rapper tried to clear up the issue by stating that everything was just a misunderstanding. He said the structures were a hundred percent temporary, and that concrete was only used to secure the structure for safety and structural reasons.

They look supa cool Kanye, for sure, but maybe get rid of your neighbours first?

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