Australia is burning - here's how you can help

Australia is burning - here's how you can help

05 Jan 2020

The world has been devastated watching bushfires rip through Australia, in some of the worst bushfires in the country's history. 

Approximately 14 million acres have been burnt, with more expected to come in the next few weeks. 

More than 500 million animals are believed to have been killed, homes burnt and people have lost their lives. 

Sitting in the UAE, watching the horror, it can be difficult to know what to do. 

But you can help. 

There are organisations to help the firefighters, the wildlife, the communities to rebuild. 

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service is helping to extinguish the blazes, and needs support. 

The Australian Red Cross helps people affected by the fires, who have lost their homes or businesses. 

To help the wildlife - the RSPCA NSW is helping animals affected, and running a bushfire fund to help get animals the care they need. 

Alternatively, is a rescue organisation that is helping save and rehabilitate animals affected by fires. 

Celebrities have also jumped to action, with P!nk donating $500,000, while Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have pledged the same. Comedian Celeste Barber created a viral Facebook fundraiser that has raised more than $20 million, to support the fire services in NSW.

Hugh Jackman also shared a post, urging people to donate, offering up some recommended charities.

Several Australian native animals are now presumed extinct due to the impact of the fires, which are showing no signs of relenting. 

A koala hospital in Port Macquarie shared a video of one lucky rescued marsupial on the mend.