Audi Q7 is Safe & Sensual

Massage chairs and great performance make this SUV a home
Friday , 05 February 2016
Audi Q7 is Safe & Sensual
In Good Hands: The Audi Q7 is a must for the UAE roads

Make: Audi

Model: Q7

Body-Type: SUV

Price: From approx Dhs183,000

Cool Rating: 10/10

Engine: 333-hp 3.0-liter V-6

Top Speed: 134mph

0-60mph: 8.4 seconds

On-board technology: Keyless Entry and start, auto-dimming rear view mirror, parking aid, Bluetooth connection, adaptive headlamps, and the best thing of all... massage chairs for the driver and front seat passenger.

How easy is it to drive? The Q7 is big enough that other drivers try to stay clear, and it’s got good acceleration for overtaking those posing drivers along SZR. It handles more like a well-balanced sports car than a sluggish SUV.

Who is this car best suited for? Affluent Ahlan! readers who have an active lifestyle. Need to do the school run with six kids? No problem. Extra hidden seating is there to squeeze in seven people at once and you’ll still have room for the packed lunches and school bags. But this motor is equally good for those who just want to chuck their sand boards and a tent into the expansive boot and head off-road for the weekend in ultimate luxury.

Favourite thing about the car: The new model of Q7 is a lot lighter than previous incarnations and this can really be noticed with its improved rapidness. However, the most fantastic thing about the car is easily the front chairs which feature 18-way adjustment and massage. So you can have the knots in your back worked on while you drive to work. Bliss.

Overall rating: 10/10.

Performance: The lighter Q7 is way more efficient and its petrol consumption has improved, not that that would matter too much here in the UAE where gas is cheap. The eight-speed automatic gearbox is responsive and switches up and down accordingly reasonably well, while the diesel engine is rather well muted considering how much power it has. The exterior is certainly modest with its gentle curves and the interior boasts lots of space which can be transformed with a large selection of mood lighting options. Superb handling means the Q7 is essential on the streets of the UAE, where, let’s be honest, there’s more than enough bad drivers who don’t indicate and switch lanes, so the Q7’s excellence is a necessary life-saver. Whether you’re an experienced driver or a first timer, the Q7 is perfect for all and it’s definitely one Team Ahlan! will be using on our next group outing.

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