Celebs seem to be DMing Dubai residents and asking for money and you best be careful!

Celebs seem to be DMing Dubai residents and asking for money and you best be careful!

19 Aug 2019

It's a scam!

Dubai Police are warning people against fraudlent DMs that appear to be from celebs on Instagram. 

How the scam works is basically, an online scammer will use a fake celebrity account to DM you, asking help due to financial issues.

First of all, we're pretty sure no celebrity would need to ask their 'fans' for money, because that would create a bad image for them. AND let's be real, most celebrities are pretty well-off anyway. 

As a response to this, the Dubai Police issued a warning to residents that they should not hesitate to report suspicious celebrity accounts to avoid online fraud.

“Report fake social media accounts to #DubaiPolice by calling 901 or simply emailing ecrimes@dubaipolice.gov.ae,” Dubai Police tweeted.

The police warning started when a bunch of incidents happened, where a number of people fell victim to scammers who stole and used false identities of popular personalities.

According to officials, most of the fake accounts are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms. 

They have a process of doing it as well, before they actually start the scam. They change their display picture into the celebrity's face, and posts news and activities of the real person in order to gain a decent amount of followers, enough to fool people into thinking they're the real deal.

Once that's done, the scammer will then slide into your DMs, and lure you into 'donating' money for a good cause. So yeah, unsuspecting followers will believe they're just participating in charity work, when really, they're being stripped off their money unnecessarily. 

In case this has happened to you, and you already paid money, go to the nearest police station right now.