Attention influencers! Drone photography is now legal

17 Jun 2019

Prepare to up your picture game

It’s just gotten a lot easier to take those incredible Insta-pics with a drone, thanks to a new announcement.

According to regulatory body of drones- the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority, in conjunction with the Ministry of Interior, a new regulation has been passed allowing drone-owners to take photos and video in specific zones within the UAE.

Prior to this, it was only registered firms that were allowed to capture video and photo content with drones, but now anyone can; provided they have a drone licence.

There are still rules and regulations in place, including the fact you can’t fly drones higher than 400ft about ground level, and that owners must get a licence prior to flying, and adhere to rules about restricted areas, but it means there will likely be plenty more pics shared on the ‘gram from above now!