Attention! Dubai Airports will ban single use plastics by 2020

11 Jun 2019

Happy environment, happy people

Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Dubai World Central Airport (DWC) announced that they will be banning all single-use plastic from their business starting January, 2020. DXB will be collaborating with 106 of these businesses to show how eliminating harmful materials will make a major difference in our environment. 

The decision was made in celebration of World Environment day last week (June 5), along with other environmentally-friendly activities and initiatives they have launched. 

As the use of straws is making the most damage, DXB and DWC are planning to reduce the use of straws, replacing them with more eco-friendly alternatives. Also, they plan to offer less paper receipts to customers, and plant trees for each sale transaction. Impressive. 

Wait till you see this. This new initiative showed that in one day this pledge can prevent the use of over 150,000 straws, which is equal to 30,000 metres of plastic. Omg!

Speaking of straws, Costa has collaborated with DXB and created an art installation called 'The Last Straw'. This artwork made from 60,000 recycled plastic straws, was designed by award-winning sculpture artist Mariska Nell, who aims to remind travellers to take care of the planet. You can find 'The Last Straw' in the arrivals gate of Terminal 3. 

A round of applause for Dubai, again!