Atlantic Hero Rows for Moe

Cancer sufferer is inspiration for Katie Pattison-Hart's epic charity feat
Thursday , 11 April 2013
Atlantic Hero Rows for Moe
Row for Moe

A woman who rowed across the Atlantic is joining a a charity challenge to raise money for cancer. Katie Pattison-Hart will join Row for Moe, a 24-hour row on 19 April. It will raise money in memory of Mothana Khalfaji (Moe), a former member of the Hurricanes Rugby Team in Dubai.

When Moe was diagnosed with the illness, his team mates helped pay for his medical bills by fundraising. He sadly later died at home in Iraq, but his family is still struggling to pay the bills. Any extra money raised will go to help other cancer sufferers.

Organiser James Elliot-Square, who is also taking to the rowing machine, said: "When we first started the campaign we never imagined the momentum it would gain, so far we have raised over 35,000 dirhams and counting. I think it shows how people truly believe in a real cause. They want to support us because they know we all need our friends support more than ever when living in an expatriate community.”

Moe's friend Ben Charlton, said: “When some of his friends started advising people about Moe’s battle with cancer, news spread quickly and they were blown away by the depth of support and stories from people who have met Moe over the years and now live in all corners of the globe. Moe was a person who would give you the shirt off his back and at few times in his life, this is literally all he had.” 

The event is being held at The Shack Gym on Kite Surfer’s beach in Dubai. It will start at 12pm on Friday and end at 12pm on Saturday.


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