Atelier WAEL Reveals Tailoring Secrets and More!

Dubai's hottest tailor tells all to Ahlan!
Tuesday , 29 September 2015
Atelier WAEL Reveals Tailoring Secrets and More!
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The hottest Dubai tailor tells all to Ahlan!
Based in Dubai, Atelier WAEL has provided the men of the city with first-class suits perfect for any event. We managed to interview the man behind the seams, Wael, who knows everything and anything about tailoring and looking for that perfect fit. Here, we get to know who he thinks are the best dressed men in showbiz and his stitching disasters!
1. How many years’ experience do you have with tailoring or sewing?
I just moved into the fourth year of my career last month, starting as an apprentice in our little shop to handling corporate clients in the hospitality industry and finally back to handling my own individual clients.
2. Why did you want to be a tailor?
Tailoring is in my blood. My uncle started a shop here in 1978 and became one of the most famous tailors. My father set up his atelier in 2007 after working with him for over 30 years, and me? I just thought to myself - if there’s a career that can be more interesting than one in the legal sector, it has to be fashion or space exploration. So fashion it is!
3. Who do you think are the best dressed men in showbiz?
David Beckham - Everybody knows him. His ability to carry himself (in style) on an off the pitch is what made him famous. By far one of the best dressed men in showbiz. Pharrell Williams - His body physique allows him to jump into any style, whenever he wants, whether casual or black tie. He was dared enough to pull a tuxedo look wearing shorts! Ryan Gosling - He’s a man of suits. A well dressed man in all his movies and their premieres!
4. If you could make a suit for anyone, who would it be?
Ozwald Boateng - It would be one of the greatest challenges to please him.
5. Have you ever made a suit that you hated but the customer insisted on having done that way?
It hurts the most when you have to deal with exquisite fabrics. The cut of the suit in general was quite simple. What was asked for was hand stitches on all the seams of the suit jacket, as well as the lapel, top collar, pocket flaps, front darts but in a contrast colour. For example, if the suit was a light brown - all the outside hand stitches were dark brown.
6. Which celebs do you think could benefit from your styling?
Has to be Ronald Weasley. Also, Abhi Sinha.
7. How would you handle a situation where you have altered a person’s same suit three times, but still, the customer insists it does not fit right?
It depends whether in the situation there truly is a technical fault in the pattern of the suit, or is it just a delusion. If the former, we will rectify the error so that we can move forward. If the latter, usually time is the best healer.
8. Have you ever made a sewing mistake you could not correct?
There are no sewing mistakes that cannot be rectified. However, the consequences of some mistakes can be very difficult and time consuming.
9. What do you think is the most common style of suit requested for men in the UAE?
Most men in the UAE and perhaps most common in the world is the single breasted, 2 button suit and seldom to men choose a fully canvassed handcrafted suit.
10. What do you think of the general fashion style of men in the UAE?
Always a step behind. It’s going to be a while before we get named in the list of fashion capitals of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen a select few that can walk the talk.

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