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Monday , 10 June 2013
Elisabete Reis
Elisabete Reis

Q I’m from South Africa and have just arrived in Qatar. I’m confused about the dress code – what exactly are we allowed and not allowed to wear when out in the shopping malls etc? Ameila Street
A Moving to Qatar requires a commitment from the expat community to observe the local costumes, rules and regulations. In order to be respectful and comfortable I would suggest you wear knee-length skirts, trousers or long dresses. If you are going out wearing strappy tops or backless dresses, make sure you have a scarf or cardigan to cover up when you go out. Tops with short sleeves are fine and maxi dresses are ideal as they are cool and cover you up – Miss Selfridge has plenty of stylish ones.

Q I have just bought tickets for a black-tie ball, which is taking place in a couple of weeks. I would love a designer dress for the occasion, but my budget doesn’t stretch to that. Is there anywhere in Doha that I can find a designer dress for less? And what colours would you recommend? Caroline Smith
A You’re in luck! There are quite  a few outlet stores in Doha where you should be able to find a designer dress that you like at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend the outlet boutique in Al Mana Towers in Al Saad as a first port of call. You might also want to visit The Center and The Pearl, both of which have outlet stores that are worth browsing in. As for colours, that is entirely up to you. Black and red are both good options.

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