Ashton Wants Demi Back...

Ashton Kutcher begs Demi Moore for one more chance
Wednesday , 19 October 2011
Ashton Wants Demi Back...
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

We revealed last week that Demi Moore has consulted a divorce lawyer after finding out her husband Ashton Kutcher allegedly cheated on her.

Two And A Half Men star Ashton apparently had the one-night affair on his sixth wedding anniversary last month.

Now Ashton, who is 15 years younger than Demi, has realised what he really wants but is it too late? Sources say he’s begging her not to leave, but Demi’s having a hard time deciding what to do.

A source revealed, “Demi’s entire group of family, friends and co-workers are telling her to move on.'

“But she’s a wreck – embarrassed and devastated about how she’s been betrayed, but really torn.”

“If she goes through with a divorce, the gossip is bound to be pretty cruel about how she couldn’t keep hold of her toyboy.”

The couple has spent a small amount of time together since the affair was revealed, including at a Kabbalah retreat last weekend, where they were spotted sitting around a camp fire.

This is Demi’s third marriage, and she is said to be worried about being single at almost 50.

The source added, “She’s always perceived herself as being strong, but she also has a very natural fear of starting over again at 48, alone.”

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