Ashton Kutcher Reveals Daughter's Name

Mila Kunis fiance teases fans with pictures of their newborn child
ByAhlan! Live ReporterFriday , 03 October 2014
Ashton Kutcher Reveals Daughter's Name
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Ashton and Mila

New dad Ashton Kutcher has named his newborn daughter Wyatt and teased fans with a possible photo of the tot.
The former That '70s Show star and his fiancee with Mila Kunis welcomed their first child early Tuesday morning in Los Angeles, and the new father shared his daughter's name in a post on his website on Thursday.

He writes, "Mila and I would like to welcome Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher to the world. May your life be filled with wonder, love, laughter, health, happiness, curiosity, and privacy."
In addition, he posted several photos of different newborns - as well as two animals - and left it a mystery as to which baby is theirs.
He adds, "Here's your baby photo. Well, one of them is. Now can the helicopter please stop hovering over our house, there is a baby sleeping inside! And she's super cute.
"Can you guess which one is ours, or does it really matter? All babies are cute."

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