Ashton Kutcher Asks For More Honesty

Kutcher Be More Hypocritical?
Tuesday , 25 October 2011
Ashton Kutcher Asks For More Honesty
Ashton on his bizarre home made video

Ashton removed his wedding ring to post a bizarre video about his feelings on the “status of truth in the media” on a social networking site last week.

The former Two And A Half Men star asked for greater honesty in the press on the Chime.In website – a request many people have taken as hypocritical after he told a girl he was single while seducing her last month.

Ashton famously cheated on his wife Demi Moore on the night of his sixth wedding anniversary in September.

Earlier this month Sara Leal, the 23-year-old who he had the one-night affair with, finally came forward with all the juicy details.

She claims that Ashton said he was “separated” from wife Demi and that she believed him.

Following a wild night of partying in a hotel suite, she also said, “He just came up and kissed me”.

Ashton has not denied these claims, making his video all the more bizarre. A silver lining for the star is that Sara is not pregnant, despite not using any kind of birth control or protection on the night she spent with Ashton.

Demi has become dangerously skinny since the affair was exposed, and there are claims that her three daughters with Bruce Willis – Rumer, 23, Scout, 20, and Tallulah, 17 – have urged her to “show some self respect” and dump her husband.

On the site, Ashton’s ramblings included, “We are our own editors, we are our own publishers and we are our own printers. Thereby, people can bastardise the truth in any way, shape or form that they want and spread that around the world.” Yeah right, Ashton!

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