Ashruf Kamel

04 Mar 2013

Septech Chief Strategy Officer

As the driving force behind numerous technological initiatives in 2012, this Aussie is committed to reshaping the way governments, investors and private developers view the management of water.

What is Septech doing to ensure the world’s supply of water?
We’ve evolved an array of highly innovative technology platforms that cater to not only the complexities of water needed by oil, gas and mining companies around the world, but also to provide pre-engineering solutions poised at providing access to water for villages, townships and remotely displaced locations across Africa and the Asian subcontinent.

Give us an example.
We’re focusing on the development of technology that can take river water, groundwater or seawater and turn it into drinking water. This technology alone will be aimed at emerging and undeveloped countries with rural populations. Another initiative is assisting participants in the oil and gas sector in managing contaminated water from their production and processing it for environmentally friendly discharge or reuse.

Why is this important?
Water is fundamental to human health, well-being, productivity and livelihoods. It’s essential for the long-term sustainability of our ecosystem. Water scarcity is rapidly becoming one of the world’s greatest challenges.

What does the future hold?
The future will be driven by breakthroughs in technology and education, which will be aimed at providing access to water for all and lowering the consumption of water.

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