Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene Heartbroken Over Pet's Death in Blaze

25 Mar 2013

The worst thing about the fire at Twilight Saga star Ashley Greene's home for her has been losing her dog Marlo

Ashley Greene is said to be "heartbroken" after her dog died in an apartment blaze on Friday (22 March).

The Twilight Saga star's Los Angeles condo went up in flames because of an unattended candle and she is reportedly devastated after the fire claimed the lives of Marlo, one of her fox terriers.

A source told E! News: "She is absolutely heartbroken. This is a terrible, terrible time and it's been a very hard situation to swallow. Her family came into town this weekend to look after her. The worst thing about all of this is losing her dog. She misses her so much and wants her back."

The blaze erupted in her home on the third-floor of West Hollywood's Granville Towers and although her other terrier Theo was able to be saved Ashley, 26, is said to be in a "fragile" mental state.

The insider added: "[She is] trying to be strong but it's very hard and she is fragile right now. It's a tragic situation."

It was previously reported the actress her brother and unidentified boyfriend were asleep in the condo and quickly fled the apartment before realising the dogs were still inside.