Ashlee left embarrassed on TV

28 Dec 2009

Actress couldn’t remember co-star’s name

ASHLEE SIMPSON-WENTZ was left red-faced on live U.S. TV on Thursday - after forgetting the name of her leading man in Broadway musical CHICAGO.

The singer-turned-actress made her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart on November 30.

And, after almost a month of performances, Simpson-Wentz was tongue-tied when asked to recall her co-star Brent Barrett, the actor who plays Billy Flynn, during a segment on breakfast programme, The Today Show.

Embarrassed, the star appeared desperate to remember the name, but instead excused herself: "Oh my god! Names, names, names, names, names."

The 25 year old has already tested her popularity backstage - cast members reportedly complained she barricaded her family from the rest of the cast in "a makeshift VIP section", at an after-party for her debut.