A$AP Rocky has been detained in Sweden and Trump and Kanye are working on his release

A$AP Rocky has been detained in Sweden and Trump and Kanye are working on his release

21 Jul 2019


Rapper A$AP Rocky had been detained in Stockholm, Sweden after being caught in the middle of a heated brawl with two men, who followed the rapper and hit his security guard over a pair of broken headphones after a festival.

A  Swedish publication says A$AP Rocky violently throwing one of the men to the ground and punching him repeatedly. A video posted by the rapper just moments before the assault shows the two men following him and threatening to beat him up. 

This led to the rapper being detained for two weeks while the Swedish authorities consider charges of aggravated assault, though some people just aren’t having it.

Kanye West along with his wife Kim Kardashian lobbied the president’s team to take up Rocky’s case. The US president tweeted that he had spoken to the hip-hop legend about pressuring the Swedish authorities to resolve the matter.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted saying that he had spoken to the Sweden’s Prime Minister on phone about the matter saying that he will pay the rapper’s bail in full amount despite Sweden not having a bail system.

Kardashian had previously thanked members of the Trump administration for doing the best they can to help Rocky.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber, who has also called for the rapper to be released, was less impressed with Trump's intervention, calling for America's leader to end the controversial detention of child immigrants near the U.S-Mexico border.

Several other high profile artists like Sean “Diddy” Combs, Nicki Minaj, Tyler the Creator and Shawn Mendes publicly declared their support for A$AP Rocky’s release.

A #JusticeForRocky petition is circulating on change.org and has gathered more than 600,000 signatures.